To Rent or Not to Rent


We have seen a gradual rise in the desire for beauty professionals to depart from the longstanding employee model structure in spas and salons that has been in place for over a decade. There are many reasons professionals are walking away from stable and secure jobs to venture out on their own.

At times, this is the best decision an individual can make for themselves. At other times, what was thought to be a change that would garner freedom and a surplus of income results in a decline of clientele. What should have given the service provider something they always dreamed of leaves the individual overwhelmed, overworked, stressed and under-compensated.

This article explores what goes right when it goes well and what can potentially lead to a crash and burn scenario. My desire is to assist my fellow beauty experts with asking the right questions to evaluate what, in fact, is the business model that will lead to the lifestyle they truly desire.

For those considering taking that leap into the wondrous world of self-employment and for those who already have an employee based or rental spa or salon, you are in the right place.

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Leah Simon-Clarke is a licensed esthetician and consultant. In the 20 years Simon-Clarke has spent in the industry, her success has been driven by honing her skills in customer service, service innovation, marketing, and public relations. Find Simon-Clarke through Twitter @LeahSimonClarke or Linkedin by name.

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