Clinique Debuts New Shopping Service Concept

Editor's note: Interaction has always been the key to client satisfaction in the spa. How will this new model of department store selling affect your spa?

Clinique has unveiled a new shopping experience at Lord & Taylor Fifth Avenue. The destination is reinventing the prestige beauty shopping model with Clinique's service as you like it concept, which offers multiple levels of service and new ways to shop for beauty products at the counter. Breaking down barriers, the flow and design invite consumers to engage and interact in a creative and welcoming in-store environment.

Consumer inspired

Inspired by today's woman and her shopping habits, this beauty spot utilizes modern design and technology to improve functionality and facilitate the Clinique service as you like it concept. New features, such as the Foundation Bar and dedicated makeup and skin care browsing areas, encourage consumers to test and select products at their leisure. Additionally, the Top Ten wall offers a well-edited assortment of best-sellers.

Clinique service as you like it

The new, state-of-the-art counter provides an innovative, dynamic and engaging shopping experience. Clinique service as you like it means consumers can partake in one or all of the following shopping experiences based on their individual needs and moods:

  • Full service: A one-on-one consultation is perfect for the consumer who has time and wants expert skin care analysis and application tips. From daily skin care routines to makeup application tips, Clinique's full service model is rooted in education offering product recommendations to deliver results, useful information to care for her skin and application tips she can apply at home. Clinique's knowledgeable consultants provide a comprehensive skin consultation and are equipped with unique-to-Clinique tools including the Clinique Computer and the two-way Diagnostic Mirror.
  • Guided self-service: The state-of-the-art skin diagnostic allows consumers to browse alone and offers one-on-one service on demand. With guided self-service, consumers identify their skin care concerns and receive personalized skin care recommendations using a 90-second computer-guided skin care analysis. The diagnostic tool processes more than 180,000 product combinations that precisely match each consumer's personal needs. At the end of the analysis, a printed receipt provides a list of custom-fit product recommendations, and a Clinique consultant is always available for support and to help locate the items.
  • Self-service: The play-and-pay concept offers features such as the Colour Bar and interactive Mascara and Lip Bars in a welcoming, easy-to-use layout, making it convenient for consumers to test, pick up and play with their favorite products. Additionally, the Browsing Basket is not only convenient but also signifies to the consultants that a consumer wishes to browse alone.

The Clinique counter at Lord & Taylor Fifth Avenue offers a hands-on, uninterrupted experience for consumers to fully immerse themselves in the brand and try new products.

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