Body Bliss & Dragon Hemp Partner on CBD Liniments with Essential Oils

Dragon Hemp and Body Bliss CBD body care
Body Bliss partnered with Dragon Hemp on a line of CBD liniments.
Photo courtesy of Dragon Hemp

Body Bliss Intentional Aromatherapy has partnered with Dragon Hemp to create a new line of CBD liniments with essential oils. The liniments are designed in four distinct categories: Desert, Mountain, Ocean and Forest—called “biomes.” Each biome is available in hydrating creme, oil and lotion.

The liniments feature proprietary blends of essential oils, enriched with Body Bliss’ signature full-spectrum CBD, to fight inflammation caused by elemental exposure. The essential oils for each biome create distinctive experiences that activate the senses.

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Invigorating Mountain Liniments encapsulate the restorative essence of high peaks and alpine breezes with essential oils of lemon peel and bergamot mixed with rich vetiver and spicy black pepper, balanced by calm rosewood and Douglas fir.

Serene Ocean Liniments calms mind and spirit with essential oils of pink grapefruit, lemon eucalyptus, bergamot mint, coriander and ylang ylang.

Nourishing Desert Liniments rebalance and restore with essential oils of prickly pear, juniper berries, cedarwood and lavender.

Refreshing Forest Liniments unite the spirit with nature Douglas fir, sacred hinoki, vetiver and lemon peel.

Dragon Hemp was founded by Kevin Menard, LAc, a sports medicine acupuncturist with a range of expertise in alternative health solutions. Starting with tinctures and balms combining CBD with Chinese herbs, the new line of liniments features essential oils that synergize with the healing powers of cannabinoids.

“I wanted to create a line of products with CBD to help with skin inflammation, along with aromatic profiles based on where people go to restore themselves—the desert, ocean, mountain, and forest,” said Menard. “I tracked down Body Bliss to formulate the liniments, because of their knowledge blending essential oils that are synergistic with CBD. They have been amazing to work with. Body Bliss are experts in combining CBD and aromatherapy—winning awards every year for their partnerships with the top spas in the country.”

“Dragon Hemp has been a pleasure to work,” says Body Bliss CEO Pam Sculthorp. “We excel in bringing our clients’ vision to life and have become the ‘go-to’ partner as evidenced by our third consecutive win in the American Spa 2023 Professional Choice Award for Favorite Private Label Manufacturer.”

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