Top Google Searches for DIY and Professional Cosmetic Treatments

Google searches for DIY treatments have increased by 9% over the past year.
Google searches for DIY treatments have increased by 9% over the past year.

Everyone wants to improve their appearance, but cosmetic procedures can be expensive and require multiple treatments. This, with the help of social media, has resulted in a number of at-home DIY tips and tricks going viral, including plenty of questionable ones. Shiny Smile Veneers conducted a study of Google search trends to find out what DIY and professional cosmetic treatments Americans are most interested in right now.

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Key Findings Include:

  • Skin slugging (+529%), lash extensions (+52%), and mole removal (+46%) are the biggest trending DIY cosmetic treatments
  • The FDA recently warned against at-home hacks for mole removal, one of the more dangerous and concerning search trends that started taking off in 2021, telling the public that this procedure is one best left to a professional.
  • Google searches for DIY cosmetic procedures have increased by 9% in the last year, while searches for professional cosmetic treatments went down by 11%.
  • (1) laser hair removal, (2) teeth whitening, (3) chemical peels, (4) dermabrasion and (5) waxing top the list for most Google searches of DIY or at-home cosmetic treatments.
  • The top three professional cosmetic procedures popular right now are butt lifts, veneers and crowns.

Read the entire study on cosmetic procedures Americans are desperate to try here.

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