Melanoma Foundation of New England Rebrands as IMPACT Melanoma


The Melanoma Foundation of New England has officially rebranded itself as IMPACT Melanoma. Standing for improving melanoma prevention, through awareness, care and teaching, Impact Melanoma will continue its mission to educate people on the skin cancer. 

IMPACT Melanoma is a national non-profit organization that works to reduce the cases of melanoma through early detection. In addition, they provide programs to raise awareness about skin cancer and support for individuals that currently have it. Some of the programs that they have offered in the past include:

  • Billy’s Buddies. A one-on-one phone conversation with a melanoma survivor or caregiver.
  • Practice Safe Skin. A partnership with organizations to install sunscreen dispensers in public recreation areas. 
  • Support Groups. Led by trained professionals in the field of cancer patient care, the support group offers a way for patients to deal with the realities of the disease.
  • Skinny on Skin. The Skinny on Skin class is an informative class that teaches beauty professionals how to spot suspicious moles and how to discuss them with clients.
  • Your Skin is In. A pledge-based program for teens to make a personal promise to protect the skin that they’re in. 
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