RegimenMD & SkyMD Announce Telehealth Platform


RegimenMD and SkyMD have partnered to create a new platform that integrates the two telehealth systems. The partnership is in an effort to improve the healthcare experience for clients and doctors.  

"Telehealth is the future." — Les Riley, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of RegimenMD

Skin Care Advice at Your Fingertip

The SkyMD platform allows new and established patients to connect with dermatologists from any mobile device or computer. The patient fills out a short questionnaire and snaps photos of his or her condition, and then a dermatologist will recommend a personalized treatment plan.

“Dermatologists frequently recommend skin care products to patients in the context of their treatment, and a growing portion of dermatology practices are operating skin care stores within their practices to facilitate patient compliance,” said Eric Price, CEO & co-founder of SkyMD.

Rise of Telehealth

Through RegimenMD’s web-based technology, dermatologists can sell, manage and educate clients on skin care products and regimens. Through this partnership, SkyMD app users can buy products directly from RegimenMD.

Les Riley, Co-founder, chairman and CEO of RegimenMD said, “Telehealth is the future.  Through the use of emerging digital technologies, doctors can now gain efficiencies, increase revenue and extend a variety of services to patients beyond the office hours of the practice.“

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