A True Facial Aesthetic Experience with MediSpa by Medicreations

MediSpa by Medicreations
Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals introduces Medispa Aesthetic Device

Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals® introduces the Medispa® Aesthetic Device by Medicreations. The buzz is officially out and Skin Inc. is bringing it to you first. Medicreations, a top-of-class technology manufacturer of laser and facial aesthetic equipment, has partnered with Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals®, an award-winning and master formulator of Clean Cosmeceuticals

MedispaThe Medispa® is the next generation of full facial rejuvenation, featuring seven aesthetic modalities in one machine. No longer are we limited to one treatment per machine. We can now offer our clients all the best modalities—oxygen facial, Hydradermabrasion, Microcurrent, CO2 buffing tip and more—in a single advanced facial experience.

Gone are the days of a spa room filled with ten pieces of bulky equipment costing over $100K. As a liscensed esthetician, I find the best feature of the Medispa® is that it enables me to  offer my clients all the best facial modalities at a fraction of the cost for separate devices. My clients’  results increased tenfold with the combined modalities in a single treatment, and my clientele has skyrocketed since I started using this device.

What sets the Medispa® apart from everything else is that each modality blends perfectly with the next to cover all of your skincare needs: exfoliation, hydration, cooling, heating, firming, collagen remodeling and oxygen infusion.

Multiple Services Endless Potential

To make things even better, each modality utilizes Clean Cosmeceuticals for all backbar products.  As a master formulator for over eight years and a stage 4 cancer survivor, I know the importance of using clinically proven skincare ingredients that are certified by a toxicologist as CLEAN.

We are proud to set a higher standard in the beauty industry by introducing Clean Cosmeceuticals.

Woman Red Face Before After

Clean Cosmeceuticals™

  •  Combine multiple clean and clinically proven therapeutic ingredients.
  • Can substantiate claims on finished formulas for wrinkle reduction, pigmentation, firming, etc.
  • Contain ingredients that have undergone lengthy double-blind clinical studies.
  • Ingredients evaluated by a toxicologist proven to be CLEAN at the usage level.
  • No carcinogens, neurotoxins or hormone disruptors at the proven usage level.
  • Contain 15-25% clinically proven ingredients.
  • Contain a bioactive base of at least 75% certified organic and 97% natural.

The Best Part Is…

  • Higher active ingredients infused into a clean bioactive base reach the    deeper layers of the skin because the skin recognizes it as natural.
  • You use less of the product because it is so concentrated.
  • Using a CLEAN COSMECEUTICAL means spending less over time.

Cell Salts By Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals®

One of the most profound yet still misunderstood ingredients you can find in skin care today is cell salts. We first introduced cell salts in skin care over eight years ago when very few knew what they were.

Cell salts penetrate on a molecular level when taken internally. They act as a catalyst that drives therapeutic elements deeper into the skin.

They are the 12 inorganic biochemical compounds that make up our blood and tissue. Essentially, they make up 75% of our cells. Our blood chemistry is similar to salt water, and having the correct balance of cell salts is key to cellular health.

Purple DroppersTo purchase the Medispa® Facial Aesthetic Device or Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals, please contact us at [email protected]. 

Article written by Tiffany Andersen CEO and National Educator for Tiffany Andersen Clean Cosmeceuticals, overseeing the company’s strategic growth and product formulations using first-to-market ingredients.  



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