Study: Gen X Consumers Being Ignored By Marketing Strategies


Sandwiched between millennials (ages 19–33) and baby boomers (ages 51–68), Gen X consumers (ages 34–50) are being overlooked by marketing campaigns, according to the Outlook on the Millennial Consumer 2014 survey by Hartman Group.

The study, fielded in February 2014 in the United States, provides in-depth data and insights into culture and lifestyle, health and wellness, food and beverage consumption, technology and communications in addition to shopping behavior.

The Hartman Group has revealed that while Gen X seems to be largely ignored by marketing circles, this tranche of consumers has a strong influence on the marketplace.

The study also found that this category of consumer is particularly interested in health and well-being. Of the 422 Gen X consumers included in the survey, 50% look for and read nutritional information when deciding what foods or beverages to purchase, according to the data.

This content is adapted from an article on, written by Helen Andrews.

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