How to Get Views on TikTok and YouTube


At the recent Live Love Spa Heal Together Summit, which took place April 19-21, 2021, marketing expert and Spa Stack founder Paul Heslop shared ways that spas can "win with social media" by using TikTok for short-term success and YouTube for the long term. 

A main component of his recommended strategy is thinking outside the box. "Whatever is normal, do the opposite! If you do something you love and enjoy, you'll perform better," said Heslop. "On social media, you need to get the attention on your hard work; whoever has the most attention wins. Think about the mundane experiences or interactions you have with customers, and figure out ways to disrupt that."

Here's how Heslop suggests spas use these two oft-overlooked platforms for marketing success. 

TikTok for Short-Term Results

Heslop spoke with Taylor Lunt, a successful TikTok influencer, to find out how spas can get views on the platform. First, Lunt emphasizes consistency, noting that it can take months to build an audience so spas should choose something they can do daily. "Stay consistent through the low numbers, and put yourself out there," she advised. A great place to start is to check out the trending pages and see if you can put your own spin on them. 

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Lunt adds that you should be sending your TikTok followers over to your spa's Instagram for more details. Start with your specialty, then once you start gaining an audience they will tell you what they want to see, she notes.

Because most pros are likely very new to TikTok, Lunt and Heslop offer some pointers for getting started. Say a spa wants to highlight its skin care services, for example. For the next 10 days, show a new step for getting rid of acne, and actually show viewers how to do it. Then once the acne is gone, focus on how to address scarring/hyperpigmentation. "You need the audience to trust you, so stick by what you say," said Lunt.

YouTube for Long-Term Reach

Heslop noted that the main factor that causes YouTube to stand out is that unlike other social media, a video or channel will continue accruing views over time, bringing in leads for years to come. "If even just one video does well, it drives business," he said. 

He recommends thinking about evergreen content, i.e., topics that will stay relevant for a long time (if not forever). As it relates to spas, Heslop added that they should think about what they can do to help people in their lives: "Make it about them!"

Education and entertainment can be lucrative avenues, as well. Take something that people are doing well, and add your spa's unique spin to it, Heslop said. 

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