Surefire Local Launches Marketing Platform to Boost Spa's ROIs


Surefire Local announced the launch of their all-in-one local marketing platform, Surefire Local Marketing Platform. This cloud-based platform has been designed to allow spas to grow quickly and more profitably. This marketing platform helps spa owners tackle multi-channel marketing strategies to expand their local reach, engage customers and increase revenue. Apart from providing marketing tools to business owners, the new platform also provides real-time, actionable insights into marketing channels that provide a rate of return.

“We’ve been working with local business owners for a long time and fully understand their strengths, pain points and limitations. We are thrilled to deliver a platform that provides real-time, actionable insights, analytics and features to time-crunched small business owners enabling their voice to finally be heard in the market,” said Chris Marentis, founder and CEO of Surefire Local.

Surefire Local’s all-in-one platform offers several digital marketing solutions and key features including:

  • Reputation management. Request, monitor, manage and respond to online ratings and reviews from all major first party and third-party ratings and review sites.
  • Directory listing management. Get discovered and rank higher on Google as companies improve local visibility through tracked directory listings spanning search engines, maps, social networks, review sites and apps.
  • Content marketing. Generate, schedule and distribute photos, articles, tips, videos and other assets directly to blogs, social media channels and website pages with scheduling, approval workflows and content publishing documentation.
  • Lead management. Follow up on new potential customers with instant mobile contact notifications, or use pre-built campaigns designed to nurture and engage.
  • Search and display advertising. Advertise through search and display ads across search engines like Google and Bing or social networks like Facebook and Instagram with pre-optimized campaigns that geotarget and monitor through built-in tools and tips.
  • Insights and analytics. Maintain web presence through a suite of analytics spanning website traffic, advertising programs, call tracking, social media monitoring, share of voice, competitor benchmarking and more.
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