Why Smart Marketing Matters


With all the hype about social media, online reputations and e-commerce, you may feel like the ugly duckling in the digital lake that everyone else seems to know how to navigate. The right marketing tactics can help transform your skin care facility from an ugly duckling to a swan with digital grace.

1. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. Major spas or skin care facilities in your area may be larger in square footage or perceived prestige and resources, but that doesn’t mean they are run better. Throwing money at a website does not mean it is more functional, or is set up to produce and track results.

Combine the correct basics with having a great website with good images and content, optimized for SEO and mobile—and you can compete with larger competitors. Mobile websites and apps are valuable business practices for the present, not the future.

2. Social media isn’t everything. Facebook and Twitter, although important, are not to be used instead of other marketing platforms. Belonging to networking groups, such as Business Network International, LeTip and your area chamber of commerce, keep you connected in a local, relevant way to clients and your community. Don’t forget the power of special events in your business on a monthly basis. You can host experts to speak about nutrition, life-coaching and balance, or even financial management for women in today’s market. The focus should be providing your target clients with relevant information that enhances their lifestyle and well-being, and keeps them connected to you. You can even offer specials on products and services only available during special event evenings.

3. Print still matters. People do spend a lot of time looking online, but still like to sit down and read through a print menu of services and products. You can also use your menu as a tool to direct them online in order to sign up for your newsletters and to redeem special promotions only available online.

4. Share when going social. Share with your team what actions you are taking with social media. Let them know if you are using Google Mobile to promote new client business. Tell them you are investing in coming in at the top of the searches in your area. Have a media board in your team’s private office so employees can see the results posted on how new clients have come in from online promotions and social media efforts.

5. Plan your story first. Plan out the story you want to tell before—not after—you dive into social media. Have someone who is a good writer and aware of timeliness handle your social media outreach, whether it is in-house or outsourced to a professional. Share beauty and wellness tips, as well as best practices. Do not just try to sell them products and services. All of your efforts should be content-driven with your promotions following. That way your clients will look forward to your expertise and being informed. Track results to identify what tactics work best for you.

For your skin care facility’s marketing efforts to succeed, you need to be where your present and future clients are—both digitally and in-person. However, the way in which you communicate is just as important as how you communicate in a socially wired world.

Bryan+DurocherBryan Durocher, the author of Wake Up ... Live the Life You Love ... in Beauty (Little Seed Publishing, 2004), has been an expert for Health Journal TV, Life and Leisure TV and a contributor to NBC South Florida Today. He is the founder of Durocher Enterprises and Essentials Spa Consulting and, in 2008, was named one of the “Top 20 People to Know in the Beauty Industry” by GCI magazine.

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