Top 9 Considerations When Choosing the Perfect Product Partner

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To be successful, every skin care practice has to have a combination of well trained, educated, skilled and personable staff; a welcoming environment; and a combination of professional treatments and at home skin care products that provide extraordinary results to draw clients back to your location.

To accomplish this, practice owners must have a strategic partner in the form of a skin care brand that provides platinum standard skin care products, marketing support and staff development programs that increase client retention and revenue. Simply put, you can have a fabulous location and great staff, but if the products you offer do not produce efficacious results and the brand does not actively help to grow your business and retain clients by offering measurable courses of action, you have lost a great source effort and future business

Environ Skin Care is a company that is a true strategic partner investing in a skin care practice, offering exceptional, results driven products and ensuring that they exceed your expectations. Environ Skin Care is one of the fastest, if not the fastest growing efficacious physician skin care lines with its skin care practitioners achieving a client retention over 98%. But, what makes Environ trained skin care professionals’ top performers? Below is a checklist of nine essential items that make a company a perfect product partner.

1. Varying Product Strengths

The product line that you partner with should be strong when you need it to be. With that product line, you should be able to achieve real results. For example, vitamin A is an effective active, but it is needed at different intensities in various formulations for different results. Also active ingredient levels should have varying intensities to ensure safe at-home and clinical treatments to meet individual skin types, concerns and life styles.

2. Quality Assurance

Skin care lines do not have to be verified; however, when one takes the extra steps to achieve verification, you can be assured that they are using quality ingredients in effective levels and formulations.

3. Comprehensive Offering

The product line that you partner with should offer a comprehensive line of products, including a complete professional back bar series of products. They should also offer not only professional treatments, but also pre and post procedure products.

4. Tailored Treatments

You want the treatments in your practice to be as unique as your business. Think about a product partner that helps you create unique signature treatments branded just for your practice.

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5. Responsible Packaging

No one, including your client, likes microbes in their skin care. Choose a partner that manufactures their products with product safety and integrity in mind. Airless packaging systems are a good choice, as they ensure that air, light and bacteria cannot degrade formulations.

6. No Animal Testing

There are a number of nations worldwide that do not allow animal testing. Although animal testing is still permitted in the United States, consider a product line that does not test products on animals.

7. Retail Competition

You want your clients to buy their skin care products from you, their trusted source. Choose a product partner that does not sell directly to consumers, and you will not have to compete with the internet for sales. Some product partners also offer limited distribution to ensure that your products remain unique and the clients cannot go around the corner and get it elsewhere.

8. Education and Training

Professional training for your staff development and education on site or at a training center are musts. Courses can include skin science, product knowledge, skin analysis, treatment protocols, peel training, retail selling, cross marketing, up-selling and business development. Although staff training is very important, client education is also vital. Choose a product partner that provides consumer education programs and on site events for practice enhancement.

9. Marketing Support

Product partners should offer marketing and merchandizing support, including incentives for clients and staff.

Practice owners must have a strategic partner in the form of a skin care brand that provides platinum standard skin care products, marketing support and staff development programs that increase client retention and revenue.


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Environ: Your Perfect Partner

For over 25 years, Environ has created science based products/treatments with skin friendly forms of vitamins A, C and antioxidants. Not only does it fulfill the entire checklist above, but it offers so much more. It maintains its own, dedicated, certified pharmaceutical grade manufacturing facility staffed by over 200 dedicated employees (we make only Environ products in our factory). The new, state-of-the art factory uses proprietary manufacturing systems, clean rooms, gowned production staff, nitrogen blanket, red light, positive pressure air systems and specialized water treatment processing to ensure every product is always at peak performance levels. We are the progenerator and creator of modern skin needling.

You and your clients can experience the results - driven skin care line that is the secret to beautiful and healthy-looking skin. Environ Skin Care, backed by empirical scientific evidence, incorporates the latest technology in the enhancement of high grade vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants, and peptides to help restore, protect and maintain the appearance of beautiful skin. To learn more, please call 508-539-8900.


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