Top 8 Biz Lessons from An Esthetician Mentor

Lori Crete at the 2015 Esthetician Success live Master Class
Lori Crete at the 2015 Esthetician Success live Master Class

A number of weeks ago (Aug. 2-3, 2015), I attended the 2015 Esthetician Success Live Master Class, an event hosted by Lori Crete, a licensed esthetician, spa owner and founder of The Esthetician Mentor.

The live class is designed to bring together estheticians and spa owners from around the country, allow them to share their success stories and learn tips from Crete on how their can grow their business and be more successful. Rather than sharing everything I learned from the event, which would be a book in itself, I will share with you the top eight biz lessons I learned from the event. If you want more, you'll have to go to Crete herself.

Biz Lesson 1: Know Your BCE

Every esthetician should know their best client ever (BCE). Identify the characteristics of this person and where they would typically be found. Once these are identified, you will know who your marketing should target and where to find them.

Biz Lesson 2: Know Your Why

This is a big one for Crete, who knows that your purpose is integral to your success. She encourages estheticians to identify why they see clients. This "ignites passion" and fuels you to succeed. It also sets you apart from your competition.

Biz Lesson 3: Set Daily Intentions

Every morning, write down your intentions for that day. This helps keep you on track by identifying what you need to accomplish and what, perhaps, isn't a priority and can wait until later.

Biz Lesson 4: Set Milestones

Have a business vision. Crete recommends setting goals for where you want to be in six months and where you want to be in three years. If you are not where you want to be at those time periods, some elements of your business may need to be re-evaluated.

Biz Lesson 5: Don't Discount Yourself

Low pricing may lead potential clients to question the quality of your service. Don't go too low. Although Crete recommends doing seasonal and birthday discounts, she tells estheticians to avoid deep discounts, which may set the bar low for future pricing.

Biz Lesson 6: Build a Success Community

Surround yourself with people that drive you to do better. These are people who may be in a related industry or a peripheral industry, but can help you succeed either personally or professionally.

Biz Lesson 7: Write A Newsletter

Newsletters can be a great way for estheticians and spa owners/managers to market their services and specials. These lists can be built with an opt-in on the website, an online booking platform or in an intake form. They remind clients that you are open for business and can highlight upcoming special events or new technologies.

Biz Lesson 8: Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs

These beliefs are the things that hold you back from succeeding. Do you think you don't have enough time? Do you think you don't have enough money? Get rid of those beliefs to pave the way to success.

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