Tap Into the Power of Mobile Marketing

Business is what you make of it, and if you are prepared to make business happen anywhere, then you are fully in control of your success. In the skin care industry, clients should not be viewed only as the people walking through your doors. Everyone everywhere should be viewed as potential clients, potential word-of-mouth opportunities, potential tools for helping market your business and build your brand. The key to truly unlocking this aspect of your business is mobility. Mobility provides a spa owner with the ability to turn a chance meeting into a future client into a viral marketer into a network of new clients to do the same.

The advent of wireless Internet, tablets and, most importantly, smartphones and mobile applications, has transformed the business industry. Data and information can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world, keeping employees just a click away from being where they are needed. This alone has taken the concept of business beyond walls to places it has never been—beyond billboards, beyond cold-calling, beyond ads. Business and marketing is now everywhere it can be and needs to be. This mobility provides spa owners and employees with unique opportunities for growing their skin care businesses.

Mobility provides the ability to turn any conversation into an appointment. Conversations happen wherever people gather. Conversations happen as random happenstance, or they are initiated based on common interest. Conversations happen, and there is greatness to be made of them. However, where there once was an opportunity limited to handing out business cards and hoping for the best, there is now the chance to book appointments and add client information directly to your database, turning an opportunity that may have never been, into an opportunity that now is. Mobility builds business, it’s as simple as that. Mobility is the backbone and the future of business as it opens doors for new options in marketing and networking.

The ability to book appointments from anywhere, and the willingness to do so, shows a serious commitment to business growth. By dedicating the time to book an appointment for someone on the fly, you have just shown clients that they are the most important aspect at that particular moment: You, your time and your business have all just stopped for this client. However, mobile marketing has become so efficient that your time doesn’t actually have to stop; it only needs to maintain the façade that it has. This dedication to customer growth spreads through word-of-mouth and helps establish a network of clients.

Networking, simply defined, is a support system of sharing information among individuals of a common interest, and is a key factor to mobile marketing. The more clients in your system of information, the more your name and your business will spread, and the more successful your company will grow. Clients make the spa industry flourish, and having the ability to add them to your network and your current database is paramount to success. Even if they are not immediately booking an appointment, having the ability to take them from a person you just met to a person in your system, adds to the people that you know and the people that know you.

Networking and marketing are synonymous with mobile business management. Mobility provides spa owners with the freedom to build their brand and their business from anywhere, allowing networking to simply happen. The same simple process of adding a new contact to your phone could be adding revenue to your business and building your social network. Having the key of business mobility allows every person you meet to be a potential client and a potential piece of your advertising puzzle. Business mobility gives you the power to make business happen anywhere and anytime.

Thom Boersma worked as a corporate trainer for Borders Group, Inc. for more than five years, and is now the marketing and advertising coordinator for DaySmart Software, the makers of Orchid Medical Spa Software, as well as a writer and a photographer. He can be contacted at 248-491-0183 or via e-mail at [email protected].

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