Undergo an Online Makeover

People like to look and feel their best, and health and beauty consumers are still willing to invest in themselves in spite of the condition of the economy. Skin care facilities are in direct competition for this same engaged, actionable client, making targeting the right customer essential for continuous growth and efficiency. A strategic search marketing approach can deliver online traffic to skin care facility websites, as well as offline locations, driving beautiful return-on-investment (ROI) results for these businesses.

A search campaign is about more than having an aesthetically pleasing website or social media page. Your online presence must be continually optimized to increase brand awareness and improve sales. The optimization process can be quite complex and may require the development of relationships with experts in the field in order to precisely target your audience. But enough of the technical stuff. Imagine you are a prospective spa-goer and are interested in getting a treatment. You go to Google and conduct a search for “body wrap spa services in Atlanta.” Your time is valuable. You want to find your desired service on the first page of results. You want to find a day spa that offers positive user feedback to further influence your purchasing decision. This is where the power of search is harnessed.

Online rejuvenation

Whether you work with professionals or decide to explore the world of pay-per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) on your own, your goal should be to implement a cost-effective branded and nonbranded keyword approach, which can help your landing page or site attract relevant clients. It is important to create engaging, properly optimized registration and contact fields.

Additionally, harnessing the power of search marketing can drive health and beauty online revenues to give social media channels a boost. This can be done through the creation of dynamic social initiatives to generate buzz and control messaging, which will protect and grow your brand. Social media is an important tool for small businesses to take advantage of because brand awareness is controlled by the consumer public. That’s why it’s essential to become part of the social conversation. With social media, success is not dependent on the number of followers you have; it’s about getting those followers to become clients.

Consistent results

There is no such thing as a recession-proof business. Effectively launching and running a search campaign can help improve your skin care facility’s success and may require specialized expertise and experience. Remember, people want to look and feel great. By incorporating search into your marketing strategy, you will make it easier for them to find your skin care facility. This will help them improve their well-being and drive beautiful results for your business.

Richard Wichmann is the director of business development for MediaWhiz Search, leveraging his PPC, SEO, search engine marketing (SEM) and social media expertise to drive sales of the company’s performance-based search services that help new and existing clients improve brand awareness and online positioning. Richard joined MediaWhiz in June of 2010 bringing 13 years of online and search marketing experience to the agency.

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