Increase Exposure and Sales With YouTube

Following is an excerpt from Ido Kadman’s column from the April issue about social media explaining how YouTube can be used in a spa’s social media efforts.

YouTube is a more advanced tool, because it uses only video for its content. Moving images can be so powerful—why not use them to your advantage? YouTube is best used as a social media tool to enhance Facebook and Twitter, and to add a more exciting, visual component.

Most digital cameras these days have a video function, and some smartphones have powerful video capabilities, as well. You could always purchase a flip camera for the purpose of taking your videos; they are cheap and easy to use. They key is to give consumers something interesting to view with an educational value-added. It could be a short clip featuring one of your new treatments, a virtual tour of your facilities, or a makeup or product application. Especially these days, people have short attention spans—a typical television news story is rarely longer than a 90 seconds—so keep your clips no longer than three minutes. No one needs to see a full facial being done, just show the highlights and highlight what makes it different. Your most complex video should never be longer than five minutes and even then it should have a good reason to be that long. A typical video should be shorter than one minute. Remember to post your videos to your Facebook fan page and Twitter feed.

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