Then and Now: Preparing Your Own Advertising


What has changed in the world since I wrote this article 26 years ago? Well, in a word—technology. Today we can all be graphic designers, typesetters, publishers and marketers so easily with the use of the Internet and quality software programs.


When I need art, I don’t have to hire a photographer, a stylist, models and find a location. Rather, I simply search the Internet where I can locate and gain access to thousands of free stock art images at such sites as or If I do have to buy the specific art I’m looking for, I can do so for as little as $12 a download with one-time usage, instead of footing the bill for a whole photo shoot, which in today’s market can be $1000 a day.

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The second thing that technology provides us with to help market our businesses is social media. We can now utillize platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Who knew that all of our most receptive customers, our demographic, would be online and so eager to see and react to what we’re sharing? 

All in all, these have been busy and very progressive years.


I spend a few minutes each week downloading free fonts from, or I then use these in my Publisher program to create flyers, signs and social media posts.

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Catherine M. Frangie has been a dedicated and passionate beauty professional since 1982, when she first began her career as a licensed cosmetologist, salon owner and beauty school instructor. Her career has included executive positions at Joico Laboratories and Milady Publishing Company. She founded Frangie Consulting in 2001. She is a known industry speaker and has authored more than 125 trade and consumer magazine articles and several books on beauty trends, fashion and the business of the professional salon.

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