PBA's Cut It Out Program Trains Pros to Support Victims of Domestic Abuse

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The Cut It Out program is designed to provide professionals with the resources they need to combat the widespread issue of domestic abuse.
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The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) has announced the Cut It Out program designed to provide licensed professionals, students and others in the beauty industry with the resources they need to combat the widespread issue of domestic abuse.

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Stylists, barbers, estheticians and make-up artists possess a unique ability to identify signs of abuse in their clients. By recognizing physical indicators such as bruises, as well as behavioral changes and self-blame, these professionals can play a crucial role in offering support and assistance. Salons and spas often serve as safe spaces where victims feel comfortable sharing their experiences and seeking help.

Industry professionals can order materials from Cut It Out to display in their salon, becoming ambassadors for the program. To equip beauty professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge, Cut It Out also offers free training sessions. Participants learn how to identify signs and symptoms of domestic abuse, respond to victims with empathy and discretion and refer them to appropriate safety resources.

Strength in Beauty Cut It Out grants are available for U.S. beauty industry licensed professionals who are domestic abuse survivors and in need of assistance in getting back on their feet, either financially or with employment. Cut It Out welcomes monetary donations to support their efforts in ending domestic abuse.

Contributions are tax-deductible and directly contribute to providing the program and materials free of charge. Cut It Out sponsors include JCPenney Salon, K18 Biometric Hairscience, L’Oreal USA, SalonCentric, SportsClips and DaySmart Salon.    

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