Well World Group Focuses on Helping Brands Craft Flawless Wellness Experiences


Wellness is much more than a buzzword. In today’s world, it is a necessity. For those who work in the wellness industry, determining what clients (and employees) want when it comes to wellness can make or break your bottom line.

The newly formed Well World Group consists of three business professionals who know the wellness industry inside-out. Alison Howland, Eric Stephenson and Debra Koerner (pictured left to right) collectively have over eight decades of experience in business, marketing, education and spa development.

“Building a complete strategy that encompasses a total guest experience, education to ensure staff has the tools to deliver that experience, and enhancing the bottom line with superior business planning is Well World Groups’ approach to create a sustainable business,” says Howland, co-founder of Well World Group.

There is great opportunity for savvy businesses to develop initiatives that assist customers and employees in achieving improved health. “Now, more than ever, a business can differentiate on the soft skills that make up an incredible experience. It is a fact that happy employees correlate to ecstatic clients. When clients are happy, your bottom line is happy,” adds Stephenson, co-founder of Well World Group.

Studies show that employers who utilize corporate wellness programs have decreased absenteeism, reduced health care expenses and increased productivity among employees. With a focus on brands in the spa, resort, massage and wellness industries, Well World Group offers strategies to increase business by helping people live well. For example:

Build programs that reach beyond the walls of your property. Align with like-minded businesses and become a strategic wellness partner for corporations. Well World Group will identify brand partners that serve similar consumers and are complementary to your offerings, such as acupuncturists, nutritionists and fitness instructors.

Know your target market. The clearer you are on the type of guests you want to attract, the more specific you can be about your wellness offerings. If you are located in a city, perhaps offering quiet spaces for electronic connections and charging stations is a perk for those unable to unplug. With a highly connected millennial generation, promoting social media channels so people can check-in, tweet and tag on-site will be more appealing to that demographic.

For spas and skin care centers, create quick treatments that deliver visible differences. Shorter services allow guests to sneak away for a quick respite. Services that address wellness needs for fast-paced, highly stressed guests may include specialized offerings for easing technology induced aches and pains.

Offer community classes to encourage non-traditional streams of revenue. Consider becoming an information-source for your community by offering specialized health/wellness speakers with related retail items. Try free or donation-based classes; you might be surprised at the generosity of attendees. Plus, the workshops will build your brand in the community.

Well World Group is committed to helping wellness organizations craft and implement brilliant customer experiences that enrich the lives of employees and guests. Well World Group can be instrumental in working with businesses to ensure they have clearly defined the experience they hope to deliver, have the right operational processes and tools in place, and can infuse the experience within their work teams. The Group’s goal: to enrich the lives of others. Learn more on www.WellWorldGroup.com.

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