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The United Nation's 21st International Day of Peace is being celebrated this week in more than 190 countries this year, with event dates varying for different celebrations.

Activities include comedy shows in 55 locations, music concerts, school activities, prayer vigils, Jane Goodall's giant peace dove flying worldwide in more than 60 cities, activities at the UN, and in some cases, the military putting down their weapons for the day.

Some towns orchestrate mile-long candle lightings. Other organizations form together to create human peace doves, which they then document with photos and circulate in newsletters. Some neighborhoods hold fairs, and others put on peace concerts attended by internationally known singers and songwriters.

You can plan your own event by bringing together friends, family, church groups, classes or the entire community to create peace with a peace party, a picnic, a neighborhood block party, a softball game for peace, a yoga for peace class, or by creating your own idea.

Planned peace events

Events that have taken place or are taking place to celebrate Peace Day include the following:

* September 19—Habbo Global Peace Gathering 2008: A Virtual March for Real Peace. Habbo is one of the largest virtual worlds for teenagers. The Habbo Global Peace Gathering was a peaceful online protest that gave teens a voice on an issue that they feel passionate about. www.sulake.com

* September 20th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma—1008 Strong Can't Be Wrong: a 30-minute guided meditation for inner-peace. www.stressfreeokc.com

* September 19–21, Ojai, California—Living Peace in Ojai: weekend-long celebration of international peace, including the planting of a peace pole, a peace vigil downtown, and opening ceremonies with a proclamation from the city, awarding of a local Noble Peace Prize, and local music.

* September 20th, Yuk Yuk's in Halifax, Nova Scotia—Peace Day Comedy: Stand-Up For International Peace.

* September 21, Evergreen, Colorado—Reflections of Peace: candle lighting for peace around the pond at Buchanan Recreation Center. www.evergreenpeace.org

Celebrate Peace Day

Peace Day honors peace heroes and empowers communities to celebrate victories for peace that will inspire a new generation of peace thinkers, teachers and leaders, comparable to Earth Day's encouragement of environmentalism. It is a day of non-violence with a call for a ceasefire.

There are also thousands of other Peace Day activities planned around the world. Please visit www.thinkPEACE.net for details and locations.

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