White-collar Women Boost Indian Beauty Growth

A recent report suggest that a surge of personal care in India is due to a growth of women in white-collar positions. According to Global Cosmetics and Toiletries 2006, a report by Kline & Company, white-collar women in India have more than doubled in last three decades.

In addition to the growth in personal care, the country has also seen a growth in fashion. This need of white-collar women for fashion and beauty products may be due to a need for sophistication and a greater emphasis on personal appearance. 

Driving the personal care sales boom in India is skin care, with major growth in antiaging and skin whitening products. The study indicates that India is currently the 13th largest market in the world for cosmetics and toiletries. Cosmetics and toiletries sales in India grew 12.6% in 2006, and is expected to continue growing.

In the AP/DEO category, consumers in India are moving away from traditional talcum powder toward more modern deodorants and anti-perspirants. The personal care industry is reflecting this growth in India with the new in-cosmetics India. For more information on the event, visit www.in-cosmeticsindia.com.

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