Cannabis Hospitality Experience Debuts in Cali

Inside Papa & Barkley Social. Photo: Leon Villagomez.
Inside Papa & Barkley Social. Photo: Leon Villagomez.
Humboldt Social

Humboldt Social has partnered with Papa & Barkley to launch Papa & Barkley Social, a cannabis retail concept featuring a luxury day spa among other amenities, opening May 6, 2021.

Guests can indulge in cannabis-infused massages and beauty treatments at the day spa as well as shop the entire line of Papa & Barkley's solventless, natural Releaf products including its balms, tinctures and luxury skin care products.

It will also feature a curated dispensary, tasting room, outdoor food truck and consumption lounge.

Adam Grossman, Papa & Barkley's founder and executive chairman said, "Papa & Barkley Social immerses guests in an elevated cannabis experience as they partake in traditional leisure activities. It's a concept new to California. At Papa & Barkley we pride ourselves on helping people improve their lives with great products made naturally from this amazing plant. This partnership with Humboldt Social will help people understand the beauty of Humboldt County and the key role that cannabis can play in their lives."

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