Chuan Body + Soul Spa Improves Saunas With Salt


Chuan Body + Soul Spa in New York has recently improved their saunas by adding Himalayan salt walls from Saltability to their facility.

Chuan Body + Soul Spa focuses on traditional Chinese medicine and incorporates the five elemental forces of earth, fire, water, metal and wood into its spa. Chuan Body + Soul Spa provides an array of treatment options such as hydrafacials, massages and detox rituals.  

“Chuan Body + Soul’s new Himalayan salt wall fits perfectly with their emphasis on guest wellness through the earth’s basic elemental forces,” said Ann Brown, Saltability founder and CEO. “We are excited to partner with Chuan to create a positive effect on guest and therapist wellness at the spa environment level, supporting health through the salt’s grounding and air purifying effect in the treatment room.”

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