You Must be This Tall to Ride the Relaxation Roller Coaster


No, it’s not a sequel to “Hot Tub Time Machine.” The Japanese city of Beppu, about 700 miles southwest of Tokyo, has announced its plan to open a “spamusement park.” The city, known for its hot springs, released a video depicting a mock-up of what the amusement park would look like. The video features men and women adorned in white towels leisurely roaming the grounds. A couple is shown hopping on a bubble bath carousel, while another can be seen going for a spin on a hot tub roller coaster.

The Beppu City mayor promised that if the video reached 1 million views, they would proceed with plans to make the fantasy a reality. But they didn’t have to wait long. The video reached over 1 million views just four days after it was originally posted, prompting the mayor to sign a letter on November 24, 2016, stating his intent make the spamusement park project happen.

Details have not yet been released as to when the groundbreaking will take place for the attraction, which promises to be a mix of rides and spa treatments.

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