A Unique Resort in Japan that Really Has Spirit(s)


Japan is home to many wild things: wasabi and green tea-flavored Kit Kats, capsule hotels and cat cafés just to name a few. But a resort touting its wine, coffee, sake and ramen baths might be one of the most distinctly Japanese inventions in existence.

The Yunessun Spa Resort in Kanagawa Prefecture, roughly 92 km southwest of Tokyo, is just that kind of resort. Dubbed a “spa theme park,” the resort offers a range of unique water experiences, including green tea pools, sake pools, as well as water slides.

While onsen, or communal bathing facilities, are nothing new in Japan, the more exotic varieties are. The wine baths at Yunessun allow guests to absorb the antioxidants both internally and externally. Warm pools are filled with Beaujolais for guests to soak in while waiters are on hand to pour fresh glasses of wine from a 12-foot wine bottle.

Sadly, the wine spa is only open for two weeks per year. 

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