Skin Script Empowers Estheticians Through Retreat


Skin Script invites estheticians and spa owners to empower themselves through networking, education and mindfulness at its Self-Empowerment Retreat, held Apr.29-May 1, 2017, in Tempe, Arizona. Attendees will be able to participate in early morning yoga and meditation, as well as learn about advanced skin care and business practices.

The speakers at this retreat include Dave Waggoner, director of education and public relations and Lisa VanBockern, owner/founder of Skin Script, who will teach about advanced skin histology, in-depth cosmetic ingredients and Skin Script product knowledge.

In addition, Lauren Snow and Jesse Cormier from Associated Skin Care Professionals will present a workshop on what traits make a successful esthetician. Snow and Cormier will discuss what it takes to establish a mutually respectful relationship in order to cut down on no-shows, late and draining clients.

Empowerment coach Caroline King will present at the retreat to encourage the participants to understand how to make their lives one that they will love every day.


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