16 Wellness Initiatives Created for A Healthier World


The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) has created 16 wide-ranging initiatives to help shape a healthier world. Each is chaired by a thought leader in that unique wellness sector and is designed to solve key industry issues and further the global conversation about wellness in its many forms.

“Wellness is a vast and complex $3.4 trillion industry," said Susie Ellis, chairman and CEO of GWI. "We forged these collaborative, global initiatives to allow expert task forces to come together to address the problems and opportunities they identify as most important – whether it’s the need for a larger, better trained workforce for the wellness industry; identifying the most effective/compassionate wellness approaches for people with cancer; or maximizing the opportunities of wellness tourism worldwide."

These initiatives include new research, best practices manuals, training platforms and campaigns to raise awareness about an issue or event.

“The GWI Initiatives are really a brilliant structure for encouraging impartial, top-level collaboration among world-renowned experts in wellness to effect positive, global change in their areas of expertise,” said Philippe Bourguignon, a leader in travel and tourism, a partner at Revolution, and former co-CEO of the World Economic Forum. 

Some key initiatives include: 

  •  Future of Wellness at Work: This initiative brings together top thinkers and “doers” to offer much-needed new visions for how wellness at work can be implemented in the global community. Chair: Renee Moorefield, Ph.D., CEO of Wisdom Works (United States)
  • Wellness for Cancer: Most spas have lacked the proper perspective about, and the proper training to support, clients with cancer: to help them reduce stress and increase their emotional resiliency. This Initiative offers a cancer-focused educational platform that trains staff, departments, and locations worldwide. Chair: Julie Bach, executive director of Wellness for Cancer

  • Wellness Tourism: This initiative was formed to create a global platform of stakeholders in what has become one of the fastest growing tourism segments. It supports the practical integration of wellness into tourism strategy and highlights the vast opportunities for private sector business. Chair: Anni Hood, founder and CEO and Anni Hood, Wellness Business Consultancy (United Kingdom)

  • Consulting Best Practices: This initiative was founded to help businesses evaluate when a spa management consultant would benefit them and to provide guidelines on the selection process. Chair: Lisa Starr, Consultant for Wynne Business, United States. 

To view the complete list of initiatives, click here

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