Burger King Tries Its Hand at Wellness


When you think fast food, do you think about spa? Yummy. Nevertheless, Burger King is launching its first in-store sauna in Helsinki, Finland.

Wellness is important in Finland, so much so that there is a one sauna for every three residents. Good news for the Finns that eat at Burger King Helsinki, which will have two saunas. One 15-person sauna was designed for parties, while another 10-person sauna was designed for more private relaxation with a TV and video game console.

The saunas are decorated in the brand's colors—blue, red, and gold—and guests use branded towels and robes. Guests to Burger King Helsinki do not have to worry if they should eat before or after their sauna visit, as there are servers that come take your order and deliver your food inside the sauna. And the kicker while you down your Whopper in the sauna, clothing may be optional.

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