Pevonia Used Backstage at Fashion Week


Makeup is only flawless when applied to a perfect canvas, and makeup artists at this year's Fasion Week utilized Pevonia products to help create that perfect canvas.

During Fashion Week's Raquel Allegra and Phelan shows, makeup artist Allie Smith used Pevonia products to help with makeup highlights and removal. Smith used Pevonia's Eye Make-Up Remover to help remove makeup as well as the C Evolutive Eye Gel and Phyto Aromatic Mist.

At the Laurel DeWitt show, makeup artist Kelly Thompson and her team used Pevonia as the main skin prep product backstage to prime and plump the skin before makeup application.

The products used helped the artists ready the skin for easy makeup application, as well as helped the removal of the makeup from previous shows for a quicker turnaround time. 

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