Mamma Mia, For Mothers and Daughters


Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar celebrated its grand opening in Guadlajara, Mexico on February 3, 2016. Mamma Mia will focus on providing a unique beauty, health and wellness experience for mothers and daughters.

The spa is positioned as an outlet the duo can enjoy together. Mamma Mia will offer services and cosmetic treatments like manicures, facials and hand/foot treatments, as well as products for at-home use. Repêchage CEO and founder Lydia Sarfati joined Repêchage Mexico distributor Mayola Amador to celebrate, as the company's products will be available on the spa's unique menu.

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“We are very excited for Repêchage to be featured at Mamma Mia Salon & Facial Bar," Sarfati said at the opening. "Mayola Amador has done an outstanding job with Wow! Facial Bar in Cabo San Lucas and has recently opened a second location in Puerto Vallarta. I know with all the effort, creativity and love that has been put into Mamma Mia, and her dedication to the business, this new venture will thrive as well.”

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