Orchid Medical Spa Software Releases New Software

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DaySmart Software announced the release of new features for their latest version of Orchid Medical Spa Software.

"As soon as you start up, you're met with our Dashboard. It's complete with Productivity Meter, Top Booked Services, and more. All the functionality to utilize every moment in your busy day is there in that feature alone," said LAuren Beatty, product manager. "Our customers will feel that version 12 was created with one purpose in mind; to help their business grow. Key metrics related to performance are clearly represented, so users can set and keep their business goals easily."

Uses now can know more about their clients with improved booking, skipping the search for recent purchases and pre-paid balances, which makes the scheduling experience smoother. New appointment confirmations via text now update Orchid in real-time, putting and keeping the user in control of their day.

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