Skin Authority Announces New Hires and Redesigned Website

beautiful woman in spa salon getting massage
Syda Productions - Fotolia

Skin Authority has redesigned its website and added fresh faces to its team.

The new website has a bold new look and simplified navigation, designed to be more mobile-accessible. It was redesigned for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. In addition it has simple menus, access to all ingredients, a store and spa locator feature and "all access" to skin coaches.

Two new hires were brought on board, with nearly four decades of combined experience in the spa, travel, technology and education fields.

Allyson Archambault is now the east coast director of strategic accounts, and is responsible for managing and servicing spa partnerships from the central to east coast regions of the United States.

Michelle Horner is the new director of customer care and education, and is focused on supporting spa partners regionally for education and events, as well as nationally from the skin care coaching call center in California.

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