Cambodia Spa Says No To Plastic


Samanea Beach Resort & Spa takes sustainability very seriously and is pioneering sustainable tourism with their strict no plastic policy. The resort has put forward efforts to maintain their seafront and unique private mangrove, which they allow guests to visit through a designated path as to not disturb the natural wildlife and nature that grows off the path. 

Apart from this, Samanea Beach Resort & Spa is reducing their carbon footprint by installing 70 square meters of solar panels, which has allowed them to reduce roughly 50% of their consumption of electricity, according to sea-globe.comMost importantly though, the beach resort's no plastic policy has them putting in efforts to use 100% biodegradable water bottles, drinking straws, packaging and garbage bags.

"At the moment we are discussing plans on how we can implement our practices in the outside community and local population, as we believe it starts with the education. An idea is to create a foundation which will be financed through donations, a percentage of our direct bookings as well as private sponsors. We have experienced a great impact from our approaches towards sustainability. We received incredibly good feedback and hope to make an example of how each resort or business can make this significant and important step,” explained Jonathan Manstein, director of Samanea, in an interview with 

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