Cannes Brings Luxury Skin Care to Teens


Social media has shaken up society for the past few years. Starting with Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, it has continued to evolve into a world of selfies and pictures that show your best self. However, Ronit Raphael, founder of spa L. Raphael in Hotel Martinez, noticed that the pressure that teens feel when it comes to posting about themselves on social media, so she decided to start a spa youth program.

Teens in Luxury

Raphael decided to target a teen demographic with the newest additions to L. Raphael's service menu, and she made this decision based on the pressure she saw happening from social media for teens to have blemish-free, perfect skin. The program has been designed to be available to both individuals and groups to boost wellness in the client. A number of services are also offered in this program including spa services, acne treatments, fitness, diets, home care and hair removal.

When interviewed by the Hollywood ReporterRaphael explained "When I watch my three children growing and facing body concerns, such as acne, nutritional issues and excessive hair, it has driven me to develop more and more effective solutions that can help them and all other teenagers around the world." 

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About L. Raphael

This luxury spa, located on the seventh floor of Hotel Martinez in Cannes, is based on seven foundations for a holistic spa approach. While it incorporates medical, nutrition, physical activity, esthetics, age management, stress management and leisure, the Swiss spa is best known for its gentle Oxy treatments.

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