Floating Arctic Spa Set to Open in Fall


A one-of-a-kind hotel is set to open in fall of 2018. The Arctic Bath Hotel and Spa will be located on the Lule River in Northern Sweden, and it will float. In the winter, the spa will be frozen in the ice, and during the warmer months will float on top of the water. A total of 12 guests will be able to stay in their own individual cabins that are equipped with a fireplace and designed with the Swedish minimalist style. 

The overall design of the spa is to to allow guests to see the Aurora Borealis as well as the starry sky. The main building will be a circular shape and is to include an open-air bath. It is here that an Arctic tradition comes into play with guests being able to dip into the cold bath water, followed by a hot visit to the sauna. In addition to the bath and saunas, the main building will host a treatment room, hot bath, outdoor and indoor showers and two dressing rooms.

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