Esthetician Rallies Former Colleagues to Open New Spa

Photo: Nirvana Health and Beauty
Photo: Nirvana Health and Beauty

After her former spa closed, esthetician Taralyn Freda decided to open her own spa, Nirvana Health and Beauty. Located in Philadelphia, Freda's spa opened in Summer 2020, and she has employed many of her former colleagues.

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Freda talked with a massage therapist who had also been let go from Rescue due to the pandemic and found she was interested in coming aboard.

The spa is now staffed with a medical director, Freda as esthetician and health coach, an acupuncturist, and another esthetician and two massage therapists who all came from Freda's former spa Rescue.

Services include massages, facials, acupuncture as well as treatments catered toward teenagers, muscle toning, wrinkle reduction and lymphatic drainage. 

Nirvana opened its doors in August 2020 and is located at 1100 North Front Street. 

Freda said,  “I thought I was going to be at Rescue Spa for a long time. I started there in 2018. I loved working there. It was busy. Admittedly, I was running on low because I was picking up shifts all the time, but I loved what I did, so it didn’t bother me to be working so much. Then, when the pandemic hit, I was laid off. I felt so out of place. I was used to working five days a week, all day long.

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