Denver Set For a Beer Spa in 2020

Denver can expect a beer spa to open its doors in March, 2020.
Denver can expect a beer spa to open its doors in March, 2020.

Set to open in March 2020, the United States can expect its fourth beer spa in the Five Points neighborhood of Denver.

A European trend that hasn’t yet spread across the United States, with one Chicago, one in Oregon and one in Virginia, beer spas let visitors bathe in beer.

According to an article on Delish, the Beer Spa will feature a taproom, an infrared sauna infused with barley and hops, a zero gravity massage chair and a beer bath hydrotherapy–a 40 minute long soak in a tub filled with beer. With the purchase of any spa service, guests will receive a $10 voucher to the taproom.

The taproom will feature six different local breweries each month to give the local experience and for those who do not drink beer, wine and kombucha will also be offered, according to the article.

Guests can book a room for an hour at $99, which includes the beer tub, the infrared sauna and shower. The massage chair offer can be added for $20 for 15 minutes and $30 for 30 minutes. After launching, the spa is expected to operate from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the week and from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekends.

Co-owners Jessica French and Damien Zouaoui visited a beer spa while in Poland and discovered the positive effects of bathing in beer, which is partly why they wanted to open up this spa, according to Delish.

“It’s full of nutrients and B2, [which] helps make hair and skin shinier and softer,” Zouaoui said.

“We’re really going to be promoting the benefits of beer ingredients, so even if you don’t drink beer, you can still come and enjoy the therapeutic aspects of beer ingredients,” French said.

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