D.C. Spa Puts a Pin in It with Acupuncture Treatments


Nusta Spa is putting its customers on pins and needles: The Washington, D.C.-based business has added an acupuncture program to its menu of nature-inspired bodywork and skin care offerings.

The program will be overseen by Aubry Fisher, president of the Virginia Acupuncture Society, alongside licensed acupuncturist and TCM practitioner Marianna Csaszar, leveraging the spa’s existing menu of services to heighten the therapeutic benefits of acupuncture.

After an Initial Intake Session—during which the client’s needs and goals are evaluated—a course of treatments are prescribed, customized to the health challenges the customer wishes to master. They include:

  • Pain Relief—Relieves pain caused by headaches, injury, arthritis and other physical/emotional traumas
  • Stress Management—Relieves energetic and physical manifestations of stress, including muscle tension, energy blockages, anxiety and insomnia
  • Women’s Health—Addresses women’s specific health and wellness concerns such as menstrual/menopausal health, endometriosis and prenatal/post-delivery care
  • Allergies & Immune System Support—Alleviates allergies, defends against/treats cold and flu illnesses and strengthens weakened immune systems
  • Digest & Detox—Focuses on all aspects of ingestion and digestion, from controlling the appetite to aiding the digestive process and detoxifying the system of the toxins therein

All treatments are available as single sessions, or in packages of six. The spa also offers Accelerated Results packages, which include six acupuncture sessions paired with various massage, skin care, body treatments and natural products to enhance the effects of the session. Add-on services are also available, including cupping and moxa.

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