Skin Games 2019 Winners Announced

Kamila Koziara, Esthetician of the Year
Kamila Koziara, Esthetician of the Year

Hundreds of skin care professionals from around the world dressed to the nines as they gathered together to see who won at The Skin Games 2019. The event was held on June 15, 2019 at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Below are the winners of the 2019 show.

Esthetician Of The Year

Kamila Koziara


First: Kamila Koziara

Second: Jenna Kent

Third: Amy Berisha

Age Management

First: Nichelle Mosley

Second: Victoria Tabak

Third: Samantha Tisnoi


First: Kamila Koziara

Second: Jenna Kent

Third : Sarah Damico

Open Medical

First: Chelsea Ausland

Second: Alexandra Trait

Third: Melinda Rosario


First: Holly Tanella

Second: Victoria Tabak

Third: Roxanne Esposito-Drese

New Esthetician

First: Kris Astroff

Second: Michala Depamphilis

Third: Trinnie Maldonado

Student Category

First: Lisa Mckinney

Second: Annie Chavez

Third: Kaayleya Price


First: Tenisha Nicole Hicks

Second: Melissa Poley

Third: Elina Tiuliu


First: Tracy Lacina

Second: Roxanne Esposito-Drese

Third: Lyn Ross

Compromised Skin Category

First: Jennifer Kligman

Second: Kris Astroff And Kris Fisk

Third: Kamila Koziara

Corrective Makeup 

First: Angie Buck

Second: Graciela Ziegler

Third: Jessica Thomas

Bridal Makeup

First: Graciela Ziegler

Second: Rachel Lund

Third: Celia Molena

New Artist Makeup

First: Kylie Noel

Second: Haley Dani

Third: Ashley Boharsik

Avant Garde Makeup

First: Allie Libretto

Second: Rachel Lund

Third: Angie Buck

New Lash Artist 

First: Danielle Burlile

Second: Marta Sikora

Third: Jenae Dunn

Classic Lash

First: Kecia Davidsen

Second: Denise Sanabria

Third: Tommy Toro

Hybrid Lash

First: Molly O’bryant

Second: Kecia Davidsen

Third: Miranda Bowey

Volume Lash

First: Kecia Davidsen

Second: Jaslynn Le

Third: Miyazaki Yuko

Hair Removal Category

First: George Ramos

Second : Jamie Renee Nelms

Third: Ivana Rivera

People’s Choice Award:

First: Elina Tiuliu.

Second: Voula Makropoulos

Third: Kamila Koziara

Spirit Award

Taylor Hatfield

Andrea Iglesias

Shirley Avila

Tina Rask

Jullea Anderson

Game Changer Icon Award

Christine Heathman

Danne Montague-King

Esthetics Council Mentor Of The Year Award

Amy Gardner

Best Video Award

First: Deborah Reynolds

Second: Elizabeth Barnes

Third: Alicia Potts

Fourth: Rori Edelstein

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