A Good Influence with Abby Brennan

Abby Brennan, Brennan Massage & Spa, Brookfield, IL
Abby Brennan, Brennan Massage & Spa, Brookfield, IL

Being creative has always come naturally to Abby Brennan, who received her undergraduate degree in art education at Illinois State University. After teaching for a few years in Chicago, she decided to explore other career opportunites. Brennan graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 2005. A few years later, she found an old farm house—the perfect fit for Brennan Massage & Spa, which opened on Jan. 2, 2008.

Q: What inspires you?

A: “I am inspired by remembering we only live once. This realization guides my choices in business and in life. This allows me to put stress into perspective and manage it professionally. I am inspired by unplugging from computers, TVs and phones in order to slow down, be in the moment and really feel what this one life is actually about.”

Staying current

“I read industry Facebook posts and articles featuring various spas and the current spa trends. I also pay attention to what other spas are doing in the Chicagoland area. Every few months, we make sure to feature different services that fit trends.”

Client feedback

“Clients love the spa space. They love the simple, but elegant decor. They feel at home and comfortable, which is important when receiving facial and body care. Customers enjoy the friendly staff and facial care products.”

Top treatment

Brennan Massage & Spa (Brookfield, IL)

”The treatment I love most is our Moisture Drenched Massage. This massage includes a thick moisturizing treatment using warm towel compresses and a short body wrap. Not only do customers receive a soothing massage, but a hydrating skin treatment, [too].”

Skin care mentor

“I have been influenced most by Peter Rubnitz, owner of Urban Oasis in Chicago, where I worked for a few years. I have always been thankful for the time he put into answering some of my questions when I was putting my business plan together.”

Spa influencers

“My husband in many ways influences my goals in running Brennan Massage & Spa. His eye for detail, determination to finish what he starts and ability to research every inch of a product or technique enables me to feel confident in what we offer.”

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