A Good Influence with Patricia Gerrie


After developing cystic acne as a teenager, Patricia Gerrie studied with dermatologist, Harry Roth, learning the medical aspects of skin care and cosmetician, Jeanne Rose, discovering hands-on homemade skin care. Gerrie has taken courses in cosmetic chemistry and the endocrine system, and received her esthetics license from Hilltop Beauty School in Daly City, California in 1979. She opened Skincare for the ‘80s, now Skincare Forever, that same year.

Q: What made you decide to go into the skin care industry?

A: “My own suffering with acne and how nobody could fix it. Helping people understand how to take care of their skin problems is very rewarding ... Health has always been an interest to me, and I believe that the wisdom of the body is true—our body will tell us what we need and don’t need. It’s just listening to it that’s the hard part.”

Spa setting

“I like my spa environment to be creative. I’m a painter and have very artistic surroundings ... I want clients to feel comfortable, safe, nurtured, relaxed and at home in my business. I provide a very personal environment that is your’s for an hour.”

Favorite treatment

“I like my calcium facial, because clients get results immediately. It’s creative, involving many steps. Clients’ skin becomes baby soft and nourished by the minerals in this facial.”

Staying current

“I read, go to estheticians’ shows and classes—but most of all, I listen to my clients and enjoy their feedback. When I travel, I always get a facial to broaden my understanding. I’ve had facials in Paris, India, Mexico and many other countries.”

Finding inspiration

“A challenge [inspires me], especially when new clients say they’ve been to many other professionals and haven’t succeeded ... It’s inspiring to me in a very spiritual way to heal a skin care problem.”

Skin care mentor

“I had [a woman named] Ala from Russia [as a mentor] ... She was very inspiring and made her own peels, masks and creams. She inspired me to be creative, and I created some very unusual facials to solve specialized skin problems.”

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