Nourished by Nature


As we represent the world of beauty, we also represent what is possible of the beauty from within. Do our insides match our outsides? Does our environment, our treatment rooms and the people we surround ourselves with mirror this? How do we walk in this world? Do we lean into every step? Is it with purpose and intentional? Is the quality of our practice, the quality of our lives?

As spring arrives and 2020 calls for our collective perfect vision, it is the time for self-reflection and cultivating our insights and opportunities. Are we making time to hear our own inner voice to know what is essential? Are we being contemplative of who we are to help us to feel nourished to create what we desire? Are we at a place where we can be ourselves, honest, awake and most inspired to make a real contribution?

As we offer treatments that we enjoy and create results for our clients, we need to ask ourselves if our products are sustainable, good for the environment and from the earth?

We take the time to rearrange that corner of our spa or treatment room to let the stagnant, untapped energy free, so other things can replace it. We can go through the services that we provide and make sure they resonate with who we are now and where we want to be. Whenever we move energy, it creates space for more opportunity in our lives and business. We also need unstructured time to be our most creative and divinely inspired. Are we taking 5-10 minutes between clients to hydrate, nourish, stretch, revive or get a breath of fresh air?

We can balance our practice by attending tradeshows, continuing education, partaking in hands-on workshops, webinars and retreats and finding the protocols that attract us and fit perfectly into our business. This is a sign that we are in alignment with serving who we are, which will ultimately serve our clients.

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Kim Manley is the creator and formulator of KM Herbals, as well as a practicing AromaHerbalist, massage therapist, flower essence practitioner, Reiki practitioner, educator and researcher.

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