Greening Your Spa Space


Spa owners are flexing their dual credentials in passion for beauty and the environment. “Green spa” philosophy is paving the path for a full circle wellness revolution by all like-minded individuals. Though currently trending, only a small percentage of spas are operating with sustainability at their core values. As the decade turns, it is hoped and anticipated that more beauty renegades will be opting in for green, sustainable choices. Luckily, the wellness and environmentally oriented are merging, and everything from lighting to cotton rolls is getting a much-needed makeover, leading our customer service voices to ask the earth, how can I help you?

Eco-friendly Setbacks

First, a little lesson in eco-friendly current events. Understand that with this new movement comes a phase of “trial and error.” Biodegradable is defined as an object capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms such as fungi, and many companies are extending their product to offer safer alternatives.1 However, due to reports of biodegradable plastic not actually biodegrading and aromatics of ammonia infusing eco-friendly wall paint, we are left with the initial excitement of this effort causing disappointment. We have to wonder, which good intentions are obtainable and which are missing the mark?



Erika Lauren is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist. She is the owner of Art + Sol, a mobile esthetic artistry and airbrush tan business. Contact her at [email protected].

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