ISPA Releases Global Best Practices to Industry


The International SPA Association (ISPA) has released a list of Global Best Practices to help ensure that all spas provide quality services to their clients. The Global Best Practices acts as a checklist for spas striving to create quality and respected businesses. The list was created by a task force of top spa industry professionals, including Skin Inc. magazine editor in chief, Melinda Taschetta-Millane, to aid their peers in creating the best spa experience for clients. ISPA does not regulate these practices, but recommends that its member spas adopt them in compliance with local laws.

"Two years ago we introduced the ISPA Code of Conduct, a list of rights and responsibilities for spa guests, that helped open the door to developing a Global Best Practices guide for spas throughout the world," said ISPA president Lynne McNees. "Consumers are very savvy on what constitutes a spa experience and we are ensuring that our members have the tools to stay relevant in meeting consumer needs and expectations."

Each section of the document provides guidance for spas to review and interpret to their diverse audiences and memberships. The eight sections of the best practices document include Human Resources and Staff; Safety; Guest Relations; Service and Guest Experience; Accounting and Business Practices; ISPA Code of Conduct and Ethics; Sustainability; and a Resource guide. Information from having staff certified in first aid and CPR to ideas about how to make your facility more environmentally friendly is included. You can view the entire Global Best Practices on ISPA's Web site.

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