The Staff Connection to Client Retention


A spa is only as good as its team, and understanding why clients are not returning is vital information. Spa Executive provides insight on how your team might be driving away clients. 

Talking: Make sure your team is able to read their clients' cues when having a conversation. Many clients can be turned off if they feel that there is too much or too little talking.

Reading: Your team should be able to pick up on the client's cues if they feel a treatment is too rough or too soft. Often times, a client will not verbally discuss their discomfort.

Commentary: Your staff should not be making remarks regarding the client's overall appearance. Whether it be their body, skin, hair or outfit, remarks should be kept private.

Rudeness: A member of the staff should remain attentive to the customer's needs. They should not be talking on the phone or to other staff members during the treatment.

Smelling: This is an issue that many clients will not mention in the moment but will keep them from coming back. Having bad breath and body odor during a treatment is a one-way ticket to losing a client. 

So how do you know if any of these problems are occurring? Ask clients to fill out a short survey and provide an incentive to do so. Alternatively, consider calling clients a day after their services to ensure the client is happy with the treatment he or she received. 

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