3 Tips for Dealing with Clients with Self-image Issues


Day three of Skin Inc.’s Face & Body Midwest spa expo and conference was kicked off by “The Bald Beauty Queen of Self Esteem,” Sandra Dubose. 

Dubose, who has alopecia areata, shared the story of her life and struggles with a room of attendees and offered advice to those working in the salon and spa industries on dealing with clients struggling with self-image issues. 

She first stressed that beauty professionals are often more than just estheticians, hair stylists or nail technicians, they act as confidants, therapists, ministers, etc. In order to be fully effective in that role, Dubose told the audience to “keep your own cup full.” It takes a lot to care for numerous clients in a single day; it is the professional’s job to give enough to themselves so they have enough to give to others. 

When it comes to caring for clients with self-image issues, Dubose said to be sensitive. These clients are suffering and it is important to be conscious of the fact that if they’re upset, it is not with you or something you did. 

3 Tips for Dealing with Clients with Self-image Issues

  1. Always practice compassion: Dubose urged those in the audience to never pity a client. It is important to be conscious of the language used and never belittle the situation.
  2. Sometimes clients need privacy: Try and accommodate them as much as you can.
  3. Never take advantage of unrealistic requests: Some clients with severe self-image issues are desperate for help and come to beauty professionals with unrealistic requests. A salon or spa professional must be honest, have integrity and speak up if what the client is requesting is not what is best for them. They must never take advantage of the situation and always have their client's best interest at heart. 
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