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In a saturated and evolving spa market, Maritza Rodriguez has made it her mission to always stay one step ahead. The marketing trailblazer dove head first into the beauty industry and continues to make waves in the spa world as Pevonia’s global vice president of marketing and communications. Her diverse role keeps her fully connected with the spa industry, leadership and staff at all levels to create messaging that resonates with all beauty professionals. Rodriguez has made customer trust and personal networking a pillar of career, advancing her marketing strategies and Pevonia’s global reach. With the industry on the cusp of a new beginning, she sees a future full of “creative treatments that fuse wellness and a sense of community and belonging.” Skin Inc. sat down with Rodriguez to discuss how to use marketing to separate you from your competitors, a new era of spa services and what Pevonia has planned for 2022.

Skin Inc. (SI):How did you get started in the industry?

Maritza Rodriguez (MR): My journey into skin care was totally unexpected and started while I was still in college. I was working on a broadcast journalism degree and applied for a job within a skin care company that offered the flexibility I needed to simultaneously continue to pursue my studies and work. Little did I know at that time that I was applying to one of the top five skin care brands on the professional market. I started training with the person in charge of key accounts, public relations, and trade events and quickly developed a keen ability to connect clients with the brand, impact sales and support trade shows. I was presented the opportunity to lead the publication as managing editor and joyfully accepted the challenge. As a dedicated journalist, I traveled to industry shows and events. There I met top leaders who would become true legends in our industry, one such icon being Pevonia co-founder Sylvie Hennessy. Many of the leaders I interviewed and met throughout those early years truly set the inspiration and pioneered the solid and highly respected foundation I have for our beloved spa industry.

SI: What were some of your first jobs out of school?

MR: As I reflect on how my career has navigated me to my current course, one of the things I found the most interesting is how my path has crossed several industries and yet all have been intertwined with journalism, marketing and public relations. My second position after the publication was as a marketing and promotions manager within a leading publishing company. My key focus was to manage multiple teams consisting of administrative staff, event staff, graphic designers, agencies, and contractors. I then went on to work for another publisher and then for a Hispanic performing artists and event company. During all these job transitions, I continued to freelance for many top industry skin care and make-up brands and to ghostwrite for numerous clients.

SI: What opportunity taught you the most?

MR:I would say that the opportunity to conceptualize, write and launch a brand-new publication while still in school fueled my need to constantly learn and evolve into a stronger leader and a more valuable team member. Of course, freelancing from an early age helped ensure that I kept in touch with numerous segments in the beauty market (hair, makeup, accessories, aromatherapy, etc) and conducting competitor research and consumer perception studies also contributed.

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