7 Steps to the Perfect Professional Consult


The first step to a successful spa treatment is performing a complete consultation. This develops a personal connection with the client, establishes a long-term relationship and assists you in crafting a personalized treatment plan. Your client will achieve the desired transformation with the right treatment plan, and they will feel that their needs are respected. The spa market focuses on outcomes and overall experiences. Those seeking our services need to feel that they are in capable, professional hands. They need to be reassured by our knowledge.

Pre-consultation Steps

The first impression is key to any spa professional’s success and will impact the client’s entire experience. Before beginning a consultation, take steps to ensure the client is comfortable and knowledgeable about your spa space. Also, make time before the consultation to fill out any paperwork. This ensures the full consultation appointment is utilized for conversation. Consider the below before a client engages in a consultation.

Video. When scheduling a consultation, provide the first-time client with an introduction video. This video should be less than 10 minutes and should introduce the client to your spa’s philosophies, values, services, staff competence, credibility and products.

Tour. Also before the consultation, plan a complete, scripted spa tour for the first-time client to introduce her to and make her comfortable with the facility.

Intake form. Upon arrival, the client should complete a comprehensive intake health and consent form, providing details about her health conditions, pain, smoking, diet, sleep, alcohol habits, exercise, allergies, medication, supplements and pregnancy (if applicable). This is also an important time to ask about the home care products she uses and her skin care practices to discuss later. Find out about her skin concerns and improvement goals.

Room set-up. Set up the consultation room with the proper equipment, which should include a table, two comfortable chairs, evaluation and photography devices, a measuring tape, a scale and a computer with a large screen. Body and skin charts can also be helpful to give and technical review of the treatment plan and objectives.

Once the facility introduction and paperwork are out of the way, follow the seven consultation steps outlined here, including: preparation, documentation, physical evaluation, home care, photo documentation, treatment plan and closing the sale. It is important to select an educated, well-spoken person to perform the consultation. He or she will coordinate and close the sale of the program.

Step 1. Preparation

Supply a bathrobe to the client and ask her to remain in her underwear for a full face and body evaluation.

Step 2. Documentation

Look over the information included in the intake form. Highlight important health and skin issues and record skin care goals. Also record important health highlights electronically, to remind you or future consultants to review those questions with each client visit.

Step 3. Physical Evaluation

Examine the skin carefully with a 5-diopter (5×) magnifying lamp. Feel the skin and see if it skin detaches itself from the dermis tissue. Compress the skin gently to see lack of elasticity, circulation conditions, cellulite, fat, etc. Record measurements and weight.

Step 4. Home Care

Review the client’s home care routine. Find out what brands she is using at home and what ingredients those brands contain, if possible. Also learn about her skin care regimen: how she washes her face, removes makeup, takes care of their body, uses sunscreen, exfoliates, moisturizes, cares for her eyes, etc.

Step 5. Photo Documentation

Use a Wood’s lamp, digital analyzer or other evaluation device compatible with photo-documentation tools. These devices are great for capturing and evaluating skin conditions, and help the client understand any skin conditions she might have.

The Key to Success

The consulting service you provide is key to your spa’s success. Identify the right person for this task; someone who represents you well and is well-spoken. Send her to a good training program for guaranteed success. She needs to know your services and products in detail, and account for the client’s skin concerns and goals to craft the best personalized treatment plan. This will ensure not only success, but a return visit.

Step 6. Treatment Plan

Based on the steps above, craft a three-month treatment plan for services and products. If you work at a resort spa, craft a treatment plan for the duration of their stay, or approximately one week.

Step 7. Close the Sale

Closing the sale is essential—and an issue
for many spas. Education is wonderful but you will not reach your goals and objectives without a system and closing sales script. In addition, the client will miss the opportunity to achieve her skin goals and see healthier, improved skin come to fruition.


Manon Pilon is a medical spa consultant and the international director of education of Nelly De Vuyst and Derme & Co. She has more than 35 years in the spa industry and wrote her own book, Anti-aging The Cure: Based On Your Body Type

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