Overcoming Price Convo Anxiety While Growing Revenue: A MedSpa Owner Q&A


In the past two years, Bessie McCann, M.D., owner of Derma Medical Spa in Olympia, WA, has grown her business by a whopping 460%. I recently had the chance to sit down and talk with her about the specific tools and philosophies behind her success.

We touched on the way clients are managing their money today versus even just a few years ago, as well as the how her medical spa has been able to successfully adapt to these changes. McCann also shared the specific solution she is using at her practice to ensure that she’s keeping up with the ever-evolving payment expectations of today’s consumer. One of those tools is CareCap, a cloud-based payment platform that allows spa owners to offer flexible payment plans to their clients.

One of those tools is CareCap, a cloud-based payment platform that allows spa owners to offer flexible payment plans to their clients.

Q: First of all, congratulations on Derma’s recent growth. Could you describe the problems you were looking to solve when you started looking into additional payment options for your clients?

BM: Our clients come in two forms when looking at things financially. There are our clients with a large chunk of change to spend on a service at one time. Then, there’s the rest of us who don’t have several thousands of dollars to spend on a procedure in one day. Read More


Q: Why did you end up choosing CareCap over everything else that is available?

BM: CareCap was immediately a good fit for our business and our clients. It is really easy to use. It’s simple to set up. I really like that people can choose their payment amount. It takes minutes for me to set up a new client, and they get to choose exactly what fits their budget. Read More


Q: In what ways has CareCap actually impacted your business?

BM: About half of what I do is consultations; the other half is actual procedures. In those consultations, people come to me with something they don’t like and want me to work with them to try and change it. It is up to me to lay out several options to best to achieve their goal. Many times, it is the most expensive treatment that excites them the most— the one that will have the most impact. Then comes the uncomfortable part— telling them how much it will cost. Up until we brought on CareCap, that really was a very uncomfortable moment. Read more


Q: If you could share one or two pieces of advice to other spa owners, what would they be?

I would urge people to be open new technology—change is important. I feel, especially having used CareCap, that the sign of great technology is that it actually makes things feel easier. It doesn’t make things feel more complicated. That is how I feel about CareCap.

I would also urge them to put themselves in the shoes of their clients. They come from different walks of life and have different financial situations. To put yourself in their place means that you understand the difficulty of paying a lump sum, while still being motivated to offer the services your business provides. Read More




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