The Art of the Virtual Consult


In the world of touchless services, virtual skin consultations have been moved to the forefront of the spa industry. We are now learning how we can make an impact without the client even walking into our spas.

Although this virtual client relationship is new to many, we have started to see the potential in this new-found client relationship. In fact, no longer is our physical location or zip code limiting our ability to gain potential spa clients from all over the country. We now realize that we can offer our esthetic expertise to everyone thanks to the virtual communication platforms that have been created over the years. The tech world has officially entered the spa world in more ways than one. The most recent tech service, virtual consultations, is a tech asset here to stay. Your new client relationship is now just a video conference call away.

Prepare and Systemize

It is one thing to jump on the train of virtual consultations in the year of businesses “pivoting” due to their spa closure. It’s another to offer and perform virtual consultations effectively and efficiently, maximizing your skin care specialist’s time and retail revenue from your new virtual clients. If a potential new client has made a virtual consultation with your spa, they have been thinking about it for a while and are finally ready to get their skin in prime form. Getting personalized skin coaching is a big step for anyone, so you need to make sure your team is in tip-top shape with a virtual consulting system. Let’s dive into the steps of a successful virtual skin consultation.

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Jaclyn Peresetsky is an esthetician and owner of Skin Perfect Wellness Spa. She is known as the go-to expert in the greater Columbus, Ohio, area for microcurrent treatments, custom blend makeup, eyebrow design, color theory and custom skin care. She is also the author of The Power of Your Colors, and she is working on her second book, The Journey to Perfect Skin. She also has a patent-pending color identification system created to better identify unique color characteristics for choosing makeup.

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